watermarkLiberty Paradigm Publishing is a partner publishing firm launched in 2015 by James Wesley, Rawles–a three-time New York Times bestselling author. The company’s goal is to provide a high profile venue for aspiring authors, but without the cash outlay demanded by traditional “vanity” publishers.

We are looking for timely, marketable, and well-written fiction and nonfiction books with themes of individual liberty, personal responsibility, and Christian faith. (In addition to Christian books, we will also publish secular books with particular merit.)

By leveraging new e-book and Print On Demand (POD) technologies along with marketing agreements with Amazon.com and a premier Madison Avenue literary agency, our goal is get our authors noticed from amidst each month’s deluge of new self-published books. (99% of newly-published books end up in obscurity and sell less than 500 copies.)

We’re Looking for a Few Good Authors

If you a liberty-minded author with a new, never-published complete original manuscript who is looking for a way to get published and noticed, then please send a 1,000 to 3,000 word synopsis of your book. The manuscript must be the author’s original work and the author is responsible for securing permission to use any quotations or photographs. (most published pre-1923 illustrations can be used without permission.)

We are primarily looking for broad interest novels, science fiction novels, well-researched historical fiction, and short story collections. We will also publish some nonfiction books including general interest economics books, histories, biographies, and autobiographies. We will also consider publishing exceptional collected essays, but we don’t publish poetry. We will absolutely not consider horror books, zombie novels, or other books with dark themes. So please don’t bother to query us with any of those.

And please do not query us with book concepts or incomplete works. We are looking only for completed manuscripts.

Only a few manuscripts will be accepted for publication each year. Those that are accepted are usually published within nine months. Once a manuscript is accepted, Liberty Paradigm Publishing and our partner will together pay to produce the cover artwork, the book design, page layout, ISBN, bar code, promotional web page design, web hosting, negotiating foreign publishing rights, and all of the marketing and publicity costs. Some selected titles will also receive paid advertising at SurvivalBlog.com at no cost to the author. The author will pay only for the cost of professional proofreading by a highly qualified independent contractor. (Depending on the length of the manuscript, this usually costs less than $1,000.)

Once published, the net profits are split 50/50 by the author and publisher. Authors are not required to buy any books, but are given the opportunity to buy as many copies as they’d like “at cost”. Once a book is released, you will begin earning your half of the profits immediately. (There is nothing held “in reserve.”)

Note: DO NOT send us hard copy manuscripts without specific prior permission!

Liberty Paradigm Publishing’s Editorial Board: