New from James Wesley, Rawles and Jonathan Rawles.

Your guide to finding a secure and sustainable home.

Families and individuals across the country are seeking refuge from the Covid panic and social disintegration. The work from home revolution and massive economic changes are motivating thousands to search for a more secure and sustainable location.

In challenging times it is imperative to select an area that will provide liberty, security, natural resources, favorable climate, food production, productivity, and a resilient community. Co-authored by preparedness expert James Wesley, Rawles, this guidebook will equip you to establish a resilient homestead and lifestyle anywhere in the US.

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About the Authors

Jonathan Rawles is the co-founder of and Survival Realty Brokerage Services. Having grown up in the rural West, Jonathan earned a BS in mechanical engineering at Montana State University. He has over thirteen years’ experience in working with buyers...

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About the Authors

James Wesley, Rawles

James Wesley, Rawles is a survivalist author and lecturer. He is the founder of Liberty Paradigm Publishing. He is also the founder and senior editor of He is a former U.S. Army intelligence officer, and now work as a full-time blogger...

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